Q: What is your Class Registration policy?

We have always tried to offer a range of classes for knitting, spinning and crochet and have presented talented local, regional and internationally-known teaching staff.  In order to have information filled classes, teachers do a great deal of preparation of samples, notes, handouts and class content.  We try to keep class rates affordable.

Unfortunately, we find more and more students are cancelling their class registrations with little notice, and in some cases, not showing up at all for their reserved space.  With little notice, there is not adequate time to cancel a class and to notify other students when a minimum number of students is not met.  When there are fewer than a minimum number of students, costs are not covered.  This is not supportable over the long term.

Payment of workshop fees, plus applicable taxes, is due at time of registration, whether registering on the website, in person or by phone.  Materials, when required, will be charged separately.

When you register for classes online you will be able to pay through Paypal. You don't need to have a Paypal account in order to use it but they act as the go between from your credit card to us. If you would rather pay directly with a credit card you can call the shop directly.

Students who cancel a full week prior to a class will receive a refund of their fees, plus taxes, less 10% in the form in which initial payment was made.

Students who cancel less than 7 days, but more than 36 hours prior to a class will receive a refund of 50% of their fees plus taxes, in the form of a Shall We Knit? shop credit. 

Students who cancel 36 hours or less prior to a class will receive no refund.

Until you have paid for your class you stand a chance of being replaced if there is a wait list, but we will call you first so you have the option of paying or stepping aside.

Our class registration policy applies to all classes.  We regret that we cannot continue to operate on an honour system.  To those of our customers who have consistently fulfilled their registration commitments, we are grateful and very sorry for the inconvenience.  We look forward to continuing to offer entertaining and challenging classes in a wide range of skill levels and interests.

 Q: Parking?

  • Yes we have our own parking lot.
  • We share with the Learning for Humanity office next door. It is a one-way parking lot, come in the travel agency parking lot and we have spots behind and beside our building.
  • The parking lot is an angled parking lot and can be a little narrow if you have a larger vehicle, if you do you might find the Regional parking lot around the corner on William easier to park in.
  • Evenings when we are open later (Thursday and Friday) and Saturdays there is a Regional parking lot 3 doors down from us that is free parking. It is permit parking only during weekday business hours 9-6.
  • If you use the lot down the street, please make sure that you park on the Willow St end of the lot. There is a dumpster 1/2 waydown the lot and past the dumpster belongs to the plaza behind us. That part of the lot is only for their customers and you may be ticketed.

Q: What is your Returns policy?

  • Yarn that was purchased at full price can be returned with your receipt and customer card if it is in original condition and free of any smells, animal hairs...
  • We take returns up to 6 months after purchase for a full refund in the manner it was bought.
  • If return is later than 6 months there will be a 10% restocking fee and we still need your receipt and customer card
  • There are no returns on needles, hooks, books, patterns, Sale Closet items or special orders

Q: Can I get a cup of coffee around here!?

  • The shop has a wonderful Keurig machine (we LOVE it) and it is here to be used.
  • If you are taking a class then just help yourself
  • If you are just wandering, shopping, visiting, fondling yarn or coming for Knit & Chat than we would appreciate a donation in the little sheep bank.

Q: How does your Customer Appreciation Card work?

  • Every time you spend over $10 before taxes on regular priced yarns, needles, accessories we put 10% on a card for you that you keep.
  • We don't stamp for books, patterns, classes, spinning wheels or sale items
  • You can spend what is stamped on your card on a future (not the same day) visit or keep saving it up to spend on something indulgent.
  • What is on your card is like cash, you can spend it on anything in the shop - even items that we don't stamp for.
  • We don't track what is on your card so don't lose it
  • If you come in and have forgotten your card, don't worry. We will start you a new one. Most people have multiples.

Q: What is your Layaway Policy?

  • It is always a good idea to buy or layaway an extra ball of yarn when you are doing a big project to guarantee dye lots. To help with this we are happy to put some in layaway for you for up to 3 months. 
  • We go through layaway periodically and will check with you to see if you are still working on the project or whether we can put it back out on the shelf
  • Once you are done your project, if you don't need what is in layaway please  give us a call and let us know 

Q: What if I have my own bag for my purchases?

  • Any time you make a purchase at the shop and don't need a plastic bag, you will get an entry for our monthly draw
  • Every month we draw one lucky winner who will get their choice of a $5 gift card to some local spots

Q: Do you ship orders over the phone?

  • Yes, we are happy to ship anywhere that Canada Post will go. Just let us know what you need and shipping will only be what Canada Post charges starting at a minimum of $2.
  • We can accept payment by credit card over the phone or we can send you a Paypal invoice

Q: What is Knit & Chat and when is it?

  • Knit (and Spin and Crochet and...) & Chats are Tuesday from 1:00 - 3:00 and Friday evenings from about 6:00 till close at 9:00
  • These are a free drop in but not a class of any sort. 

Q: Do you offer private lessons?

  • We are happy to offer one-on-one classes on anything that our talented team are able to teach. 
  • The classes are $20 per hour and you need to register and payahead of time by phone or we can send Paypal invoice. Let us know what you are working on and we will find the best teacher for you and set a time that is convenient for both of you. There is a reservation page on class listings

Q: What is the Shall We Knit Closet?

  • The Closet is our sale room on the second floor. It is only open the 3rd week of the month and the dates are in the newsletter and on the shop calendar.
  • In this room you will find end of lines, discontinued yarns, clearance yarns or sometimes they are still current yarns but we ran out of room so something got the boot up to the closet.
  • What is in the Closet is ALL of that yarn - we have no more and won't be getting any more.
  • Once the Closet is closed at the end of the week, it doesn't exist again until next month. If there is something you need one more ball of - it doesn't exist until the Closet is open again next month.

Q: Are you on Twitter?

  • Yes, you can follow us @shallweknit

Q: Do you have a Newsletter and how do I sign up for it?

  • We send out a monthly newsletter with listings of classes, sales and anything else exciting happening around the shop
  • We can sign you up next time you're in the shop or you can sign yourself up

Q: If I call you with a Credit Card to pay for a purchase do you keep that information on file?

  • Never! If you are paying with a credit card that you have called the shop with, as soon as it is entered for your purchase the paper it is written on goes into the shredder.

Q: Where is the UAFO form and what is it?

  • Why, it's right here!  UAFO stands for Under Appreciated Finished Object. This is a fundraiser for Charity for items that have been knit and donated. 100% goes to Charity
  • Please download and complete the form below along with your UAFO
Under-appreciated FO Fundraiser Tags.docx Under-appreciated FO Fundraiser Tags.docx
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