Workshop reviews

Amy says: (Fixing Mistakes with Kate Atherley)
Taking Kate Atherley's Fixing Mistakes completely changed my knitting technique(for the better), and, given how much I knit, it's not a stretch to say that it therefore changed my life. The instruction is always top notch, the company and knitting camaraderie is wonderful, and the setting just plain lovely. I would highly recommend any classes at Shall We Knit.

Leslie says: (Fixing mistakes with Kate Atherley)
Since I first picked up knitting needles, I burdened myself with the ‘it must be perfect’ mantra.  That, plus my limited ability to correct my mistakes, meant that when trouble occurred, there was a lot of ripping out involved.  My long-suffering husband learned to ‘make like a turtle’ (hands and head tucked safely in his shell) until the storm of destruction had passed.
“Fixing Mistakes with Kate” changed all that.  Mistakes were defined not as a character flaw, but as a necessary and expected by-product of hand-crafting a garment.  With that mind-set firmly in place, a series of inventive ways to address mistakes were discussed, demonstrated, and attempted.  Only as a last resort did we ‘tink’ (knit backwards) to undo all our hard work.
But along the way, other wonderful tips and tricks unrelated to knitting  mistakes spilled out, so that by the end of the class, I felt I had acquired not only a better ability to fix mistakes, but also a better ability to knit in general.
I would happily recommend Kate’s course to any mere mortals who, like me, are a less than perfect knitter.  You’ll enjoy Kate’s light-yet-serious tone, and you’ll come out a better knitter.


Elizabeth says: (Toe-Up Socks with Lynne)
“I took this class with a few friends and absolutely loved it.  Some of us are hooked on Lynne’s method and have been voracious sock knitters ever since.  Lynne is a wonderful teacher, and makes learning the concept of knitting on two circulars easy to understand.  She is a fun teacher and the class was great.  I would highly recommend it!”

Elizabeth says: (Fearless Finishing with Kate Atherley)
“This class was fantastic and taught me so much.  I had been a knitter for some years yet had never known how to properly finish pieces.  I learned how to not only neatly put pieces together, but also how to fix problems along the way.  My knitting has definitely improved because of it.”


Linda says: (Two at a time socks with Kate Atherley)
I appreciated Kate's clear instructions and excellent help delivered with humour. She made an intimidating technique possible in a very enjoyable way.

Julie says: (Two at a time socks with Kate Atherley)
For someone relatively new to sock knitting, this class was mind-blowing.  I can’t deny that the concepts were challenging as I had never knit a sock on circular needles before but now that I have taken this class, I’m never going back to double-pointed needles.  The skills learned in just a few short hours were awesome.  The time spent on the foundation concepts were just right: casting on and positioning the stitches for both socks to join in the round, the notion of needle loyalty and so many other tips and tricks were helpful.  Kate kept the class moving along so that everyone could learn the concepts and the next steps regardless of the stage each person was at.  This was so helpful and explained so clearly.  The in class instructions and the patterns provided were clear and methodically laid out.  Even if you didn’t get as far along as everyone else, you could continue working through the steps later at home.  The mini-socks were just the right idea to grasp concepts but not take too long to work through in the limited time.  Even more exciting and an unexpected bonus was learning that the concepts could be easily transferred to other projects where you need to make 2 of something, such as mittens or sleeves for a sweater!  What a time-saving skill to learn.  

Julie says: (Mittens class with Lynne)
I’d never attempted to knit mittens and really wanted to.  Lynne made the whole process from start to finish a low-stress endeavor.  Skills were gained by starting with a mini mitten. With patience and relaxed humour, Lynne made sure everyone was comfortable and confident with mitten construction, step by step.  Starting with cast on using circular needles, then joining in the round, making a cuff, how to create a gusset and measuring for a great fit.  Concepts learned in the first class on the mini mitt were taken home and we had the opportunity to do it all again with an adult size mitt and bring that to class 2.  The second class was a continuation of the mitt construction by finishing the top of the hand, making the thumb, and how to finish the piece.  I left with almost a completed set of adult mittens -- I was so motivated that I finished them later that same night…and so pleased with my new skills that I’ve already started the second pair that I plan to give away as a Christmas gift!

Susan says: (Knit Block of Month class with Lynne)
This was a lovely class that allowed me to build up some new skills while also being a refresher for other skills.  Lynn is a great teacher with a lot of patience and knowledge.  I enjoyed meeting new people and getting together monthly with friends.  I think by the end of the blanket we were talking more than learning and the teacher had to call us to task more frequently

Kerry says: (Knit Block of Month class with Lynne)
The Block of the Month class is a wonderful class to learn or polish knitting skills. It is great for any level of knitter. Lynne is a great teacher, patient and entertaining. It is also a wonderful get together kind of class where knitters enjoy a bit of camraderie with their learning.

Ginny says:(Knit Block of Month class with Lynne)
 I participated in the monthly square class for 2015 and found the entire program to be very beneficial.  First and foremost, Lynn Sosnowski  was an amazing instructor and being a true beginner at knitting, she was fabulous.  Not only was she very patient and thorough in her very descriptive teachings, but she was able to provide hands on/how to instruction as well.  Regardless of your skill level, Lynn had the time and patience to deal with each and every question from all participants.  The vast array of new stitches and techniques taught in this class will hopefully prove beneficial to me in my knitting future. Thank you 'Shall We Knit?' for offering such an great course and thank you Lynne for the wonderful lessons.

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